Adventure Board Game and Indie Adventure Games

When you hear the word adventure you can’t help but think of far away lands. Strange lands populated with exotic people who speak many different languages. You think of traveling through bird and beast infested wild vegetation that you have only seen in textbooks and movies. Who doesn’t dream of throwing caution to the wind and hitting the road to get out there.

Unfortunately life is not always that easy to set aside. You have your work, responsibilities with family and friends around you. But don’t let that keep you from living your dream! Grab some adventure board games and transport yourself out of the daily routine. You don’t have to leave your home to take part on a wild and crazy adventure. 

We offer some truly unique and exciting indie adventure games. Let yourself be swept away on crusades to magical lands with fantastic characters. You can travel distant lands, build empires and fight gruesome battles without ever having to leave your living room or dining room table.

There are several themes that you can pick from when choosing the perfect adventure board games: competitive fantasy, cooperative investigation and cooperative fantasy to name a few. The competitive fantasy games usually entail the player evolving throughout the game into an awesome champion who slays fantastical creators. Cooperative investigation games are usually where game-play is playing against the game, which creates random events that work against the gamer. Though randomizing mechanics dictates the play of these types of games, they can prove to be very strategic. Lastly cooperative fantasy, which is the same as the latter but the scenarios are often set in a magical land.

If you are more into indie adventure games then you are in the right place. We are indie game publishers. Breaking Games specializes in bring new and creatively engaging games. We are dedicated to promoting up-in-coming game developing stars and getting their games into the hands of as many game lovers as possible. We also have, alongside our captivating adventure board games, an assortment of card games and board games that indulge the true game-lovers desire for original and intensely fun games.

Whether you are looking for group games or more intimate 2 to 4 player games, we’ve got the adventure board games and indie adventure games for you! Just grab anyone of our sensational games off our online shelves and you will have there in your hands the perfect game for any occasion.