About Adult Board Games

Whether it's insulting your friend, embarrassing yourself or just a reason to have a drink. 

We carry some of the craziest and down-right nastiest games on the planet. Meant for adults only of course, just remember to break out the ear muffs for the kids!

When you think about board games, most would think of games for kids or the whole family. But such games are not only for families and children to play together but for adults to play with each other. Most kids games are derivatives of board games for adults. Whether we are aware of it or not, play-time is just as important for adults as it is for children, if not more.

Games are one of the oldest forms of human interaction. Throughout history, you will find adult board games in many cultures and societies. Archaeologists have found gaming pieces from cultures such as Asia, India, Greece, of course Ancient Egypt and many more civilizations from around the world. In ancient history, board games were more commonly a favorite past time for royalties and elites and were sometimes given as diplomatic gifts. One of the oldest board games for adults dates back to 3100 BC, found in Egypt. A series of 49 small carved painted stones found at the 5,000-year-old Başur Höyük burial mound in southeast Turkey could well be the earliest gaming pieces ever found.

Not only were board games a favorite activity but also around the 15th century, adult board games took a more professional route with the first ever chess game tournaments. 

Board games have been found to stimulate the mind to think and to experiment while creating a framework where we can interact on a more personal level. Study after study has shown that play is good for everyone. In modern society you will find that board games for adults are key elements in the best friendly gatherings. It is a sure way to break the ice between friends that might not know each other well or a way to lighten up the party atmosphere that can sometimes be stiff and serious, by filling it with laughter and slightly competitive fun.

We offer an array of adult board games that are guaranteed to bring to any party or casual get together ice-breaking and tear-jerking / hilarious moments that will be remembered by your friends for a long time to come. However, parties are not the only occasion where you can witness the bonding effects of board game for adults at play. Bringing games into your everyday life can have some very lasting and positive effects in your relationships to the people closet to you. Game playing is a great way for partners and spouses to break up the monotony of daily life and have some bonding down-time together. Even just the act of making time to playing some adult board games with a friend will greatly impact level of your friendship in a way that you could not have imagined.

We could very well write a book on the subject of all the amazing benefits and positive effects you can bring to your life, just by bringing something so simple as board games for adults into it. But who really wants to spend time doing that? Let’s grab a game and start playing!