FIVE Perfect Gifts For Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day From Breaking Games!

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Dads Are Real Characters!

If we could, we’d celebrate twice this year. Thanks to all the Dads and Caregivers acting as human jungle gyms during video calls. We salute the father struggling to cook the 537th meal that their kids will actually eat. Accolades to the parent setting up a fort or tent in the living room as a last resort to keep their kids happy. To the father figure willing to play the same matching game for a millionth time, we’ve got you covered.

...Or was that "caricatures"? Well, either way... What kind of dad do you have?

1. The "Hey, pull my finger." Dad

This Dad has five favorite jokes, and has told them thousands upon thousands of times since you’ve been born. “Who stepped on a duck?” or “Have you heard a barking spider before?” are common questions from him. The moment he’s home from work he changes into sweatpants and his college hoodie, regardless of the time of year.

POOP: Brown Bag ComboWe recommend: POOP: The Game
(Starts at $10)

Take turns pooping but don't clog the toilet! POOP is a game where the first player to run out of cards wins! Some cards make players perform funny acts, like making fart noises. Created by kids and adults for kids and adults.

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2. The “I own an adult sized princess costume." Dad

Always with a pinkie raised, he’s the perfect tea party guest. This Dad has taken dress-up and make believe very seriously, and most likely has more costumes than dress shirts in his closet. He has his own online gamer tag, and his retro games have been passed down from child to child.

Sparkle Kitty Card ExampleWe recommend: Sparkle*Kitty
(Base game: $20 / Expansions: $5 - $8)
Once upon a time, a group of powerful princesses were captured and locked away in Cursed "No Cursing" towers by the evil queen Sparkle*Kitty! All their words and magic spells vanished and became sugar & spice... almost everything nice.

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3. The“Isn't camping in-tents?" Dad

Those pants that zip off into shorts are the greatest invention of our time, and this Dad owns 5 pairs of them. Puns and building character are what this Dad is all about. Socks and sport-sandals are his goto footwear, especially when out in public.

The Stars AlignWe recommend: The Stars Align
The stars are out, and players take turns spotting their color stars in the sky by playing constellation cards to the map. Once the sky is full of stars, they start to twinkle, or flip to the reverse color. When the same color stars create a line across the night sky, they shoot and disappear! The first stargazer to catch 5 shooting stars is the winner! 

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4. The “What's TikTok?" Dad

You might have this Dad if he comments on your social media posts and also signs them “Love, Dad”. He has a smartphone and knows how to use it, for the most part. Said phone is also on a belt holster for easy access, and so everyone can hear his “Who Let The Dogs Out” ringtone. This dad also has work khakis, and weekend khakis.

Game of Phones from Breaking GamesWe recommend: Game of Phones
(Base game: $20, Offline pack: $10)
Game of Phones is a card game where all you need is your smartphone to take on creative and unexpected challenges. It’s the ultimate digital scavenger hunt!
*Does not need any app support to play

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5. The “Measure twice, cut once." Dad

The treehouse Dad built when you were a little kid is still standing. When you’re trying to sleep in during the weekend, he’s up mowing the lawn at 7 A.M. The “Dad Zone” sign hanging above the garage door was made by him, and he’s happy to tell you exactly how many coats of wood stain he used. There’s a family rumor that the grass stained white sneakers he owns are older than you.

Convert Game ComponentsWe recommend: Convert
Get ready to get vertical! Take the addicting play of Tetris, and the accessibility of Connect 4 and you get Convert. In this clever game, use spacial reasoning to place chunky wooden blocks for points. Every row will score points, combined with the added bonus of territory points at the end!

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Thank you for everything and Happy Father’s Day.